Volume 7 Issue 4- April 2017


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15-18 Secure End-To-End Video Authentication with Secret Data Sharing

Validation or Authentication has turned into a rising issue for video gushing over lossy networks [4]. In spite of the fact that the propelled video coding gauges, for example, H.264/AVC, effectively lessen the measure of information to be transmitted, the coding reliance gets new difficulties planning proficient stream [4][7] validation plot. We propose a novel joint-outlined layered [5] source– channel versatile plan that incorporates verification [3] into source and channel coding parts to adequately utilize the related data to effectively address the coding reliance with data hiding into the video file using Visual Cryptography, Watermarking and Cryptographic techniques. Specifically, the contending prerequisites of high check likelihood and low confirmation [3] overhead are simultaneously fulfilled by the exquisite plan of layered [5] hash annexing with productive adjustment to the H.264 source coding and channel conditions. An image is then used to hide data into the frames of the video with is then invisible watermarked for extraction of data later.
Keywords—Stream authentication[3], wireless media communication, H.260 video streaming[4][7].

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28-31 Review Paper on Test Case Selection
Tejaswita Badhe,Madhuri Birajdar,Sucheta Mapari

Complaint registrations for government bodies that is EB, PWD, etc. are offline, which are on SMS based system. Even reporting some of the difficulties to Government departments have ended up in the manual letter writing at specific timing. But a mechanism to accept complaints from citizens is not 24 × 7. Now a day’s number of people using mobile phones is increasing, it has become a need for users to provide on their mobiles, all facilities one is been utilizing on the internet. The proposed system enables and assists citizens to lodge compliant and seek redressed through their mobile phone. It is based on android UI interface system and it emulates the functionality of the web portal based complaint filing system. This application allows the user to complaint against different departments. Registering a complaint about a civic issue is now just an 'app' away. With smart phones becoming increasingly popular, citizens can now download applications to make their complaints to any Municipal Corporation and they can attach a image as a proof, in case of complaining about a instance on that time period itself will helps the user as to capture image from their application itself and allow to complaint.
Keywords-Android UI, Smart phone, complain Registration, GPS, Social complains etc.

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